Deadpool Review


Since watching the film from last year, I’ve been a bit of a big Deadpool fan. I was aware of the game since it came out on PS3, and then when it was brought out on PS4, but it wasn’t until I saw my dad playing a bit of it where Deadpool holds his phone to his crotch and said “talk to my dick” and I broke out in hysterical laughter that I knew I had to get this game. That, and coupled with the fact that my favourite voice actor, Nolan North was behind Deadpool’s hilarity.

So, getting the game over the Christmas period, I was very eager to give it a good blast, and after a rough start to the year in my personal life, it was quite fitting that it was time to give it some much needed attention.

From the opening menu, it was just fun, a metal instrumental song blazing while Deadpool’s sat in his chair scratching his crotch with his gun, and as you’ll be able to see in my first playthrough on the game on our youtube channel, I spent a lot of the opening chapter listening to what Deadpool had to say, ‘playing with his junk’ for the trophy and just generally laughing my head off. The game is amazingly quotable, and it’s easily on par with the attitude of the film, with a clear concept that he was in his own awesome game, tossing out the script, and like other mediums, constantly breaks the fourth wall, talking to and referencing the player throughout, taking the piss out of the game design and talking about the developer, while holding calls with a chap named Peter about the budget when his actions early on ‘overspends it’ or the money runs out and he has to give him a call to patch it before carrying on.

Graphically, it’s not bad at all. Not amazing, but I think that’s the point. Deadpool is meant to be depicted as an anti-hero sort of bottom of the barrel, offensive mercenary, who (in his mind anyway) is just too awesome, despite being hideously disfigured with a shitty lifestyle. But as previously mentioned, while character models and environments are nice enough with plenty of detail, it gave the developers the option to move the game in to an 8-bit setting briefly, and have the game bugging out, while retaining a bit of that comic book look and feel. I also took a moment to admire the regenerative animations as Deadpool heals, which get’s more graphic as damage is dealt.

Story wise, it starts off with Deadpool receiving a script for his game after forcing High Moon Studios to develop it… after bombing them… and he proceeds to give a rewrite in crayon, throws it out and wings through the entire game. After he loses his contract to Sinister, he decides to hunt him down, with appearances and help from Cable, Wolverine and Rogue to name a few. It’s not really about a story as such, but driven by an incredibly strong and absurd performance by Nolan North, who brings Deadpool to life in the same way Ryan Reynolds has in the film, with some really unexpected moments, had me howling in disbelief, such as Deadpool hanging upside down from his intestines, to then cut himself down and landing on top of a guy, leading to a brief moment where you’re given control as you dispatch of some enemies.

The combat feels quite nice and fluid with the guns having that bit of weight as enemies squidge and squelch as they’re dismembered and shot to bits. Weapons can be upgraded after collecting DP points scattered around and dropped by enemies, which increases damage, fire rate and ammo, with all upgrade option available just by the push of the touch pad.

Outside of the game’s campaign, there are challenge maps, where you can fight through 3 waves of enemies across bronze, silver and gold tiers, with an option of an infinite tier to just keep going while wearing a ballerina tutu.

I’m not sure what else I can really say about the game. It’s really been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in games, and honestly, one of the funniest games I’ve ever played, completely over the top and absurd, I absolutely loved it. If you enjoyed X-Men Wolverine Origins in anyway on PS3, you’ll absolutely love this.



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